Managing, creating and sharing of Video Files
We provide a video management platform with advanced management features:

  • Uploading the videos to the server and managing them.
  • Receiving statistics
  • Data Security
  • Creating a client-customized media player
  • File conversion
  • Advertisement management capabilities
  • Full support of all format types (IOS, Android, Tablets)
Uploading Video Files and Deployment
• Quick and easy uploading of all types of media files – video, audio, images or documents.
• Deployment of hundreds of files at once or a few at a time.
• Ability to automatically scan folders and deploy new files or manual uploading of files from the desktop through the browser.
• Uploading multiple files via XML or uploading via a remote or local FTP server.
• Providing the option to send media files via email and mobile devices.
Managing Media Files

The intuitive management interface enables organizing all of the media files in one central location, having the following capabilities.

  • Support all types of media: video, audio, images or documents.
  • Creating playlists manually or dynamically (according to number of view and such).
  • Creation of cue-points during the clip for advertisements.
  • Adding a thumbnail from the clip itself or by uploading an image.
  • Editing the video into specific segments.
  • Subtitles – It is possible to add a number of subtitle files (SRT, XML) in various languages for each video.
  • Limiting access to specific contents for various users.
Encoding and Processing

The system is capable of encoding each video file into a number of copies in parallel. Each copy having a different quality and having the appropriate encoding for a different device.
The result is broadcasting to all types of instruments and in all formats using adaptive bitrate technology – meaning that the media player is constantly checking the maximal surfing rate and chooses the copy with the best quality suitable for the device it is running on.


RESTful API with full access to all of the platform’s capabilities.

  • Deploying new content.
  • Updating existing content including changing thumbnails, metadata and more.
  • Transforming video and audio files.
  • Update and change the media players including HTML5
  • Deployment of external advertising networks.
  • SDK for the prevalent programming languages.
Video Distribution

  • Support of all types of devices – PC, tablets, Mobile devices (iOS & Android) and televisions.
  • Creating media players through the interface – capabilities for branding, sharing, downloading, editing, voting and commenting.
  • Limiting access according to the time, domain or country.
  • HTML5 – The player identifies the device that it is running on and automatically activates the HTML5 player of devices such as the iPhone and iPad.